Ryan Swanton

Design. Photography. Events Management.



I am a first year Graphic Communications student at the University of Leeds, developing my skills in a whole host mediums. I am always looking for new opportunities and people to work with.

By exploring the rest of the site that this page is hosted on, you will see the result of a joint venture between myself and Tom Campbell. Brianne Collective is a community oriented business providing skateboarding events. This is an en-devour we are very passionate about and constantly striving for bigger and better things.

Currently a team rider at AOB - Area One Boards - and Slide Perfect Wheels; I provide media, product feedback and a link to local scenes for the brand. This sponsorship format is what really forged my drive for photography and pushing myself for better creative content.


If you have an enquiries - business or otherwise - about any of the above, get in touch !

Email - RySwan64@Aol.com