Our story as a creative group is a strange one; we were all pulled together through work experience in the Action sports industry. Our skill set is cumulative, drawing upon different individuals for a compelling strategy. In Unity the results of team collaboration are exponential At the end of the day we see each campaign, photo shoot, event as a chance to create a compelling narrative for a brand.

Our team changes from one step to the next depending on the needs of the project. Our own dynamism has led us down multiple directions and has meant the expanding of Brianne Collective into an organisation far beyond just events. Our youthful inexperience is coupled with a fresh ingenuity; a thirst to solve the ever changing problem of genuine communication with the customer.

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Currently the biggest gravity sports event provider in the UK, we take relationships with the communities near to our events very seriously. Our public image is very important to what we do and how easy it is for us to keep running events, therefore we act in the most sustainable manner regarding all community issues. Half a decade’s event experience means we know how to run an event that satisfies participants and corporate sponsors alike.

We are very community driven, striving to put on events that match the desires of participants. A balance between accessibility to newcomers and a challenge to the seasoned skaters is our aim. Feedback loops are critical to our work, striving to constantly improve our events.

Take a look at the events gallery, and for a schedule of our upcoming events find us on Facebook below